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5 Technology and Business Trends for 2021

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5 Technology and Business Trends for 2021


2020 has been described as “the great year of the technological leap” due to the expectation that is generated in terms of developments in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet, security and digital banking in the midst of the effects that the pandemic has left.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the technological trends that are coming for next year, in order to know which areas must be strengthened and be part of the global digital transformation and the new normal.

The world is changing at a speed never seen before due to the situations that were generated as a result of COVID-19 that no one was prepared to face. And, amid the uncertainty, technology has been the lifeline for many businesses and organizations that thought of this element as a luxury and not as a basic necessity.

The solutions that are becoming known in the field of business intelligence means that what is working today, may need to be adjusted and increased in the very near future in order to be better prepared not only in a matter of infrastructure and operability, but also in the work teams to increase your organization’s competitiveness.

Technological trends for 2021, what you need to know about the future

In these top trends you will know technological and business trends that you should take into account for the coming year.

Digital assistants with voice, the new company

The feeling of wanting to be accompanied will be seen as a consequence of the lapses of time that many people had to spend alone from their homes due to confinement, and will bring with it the trend of digital assistants. They will appear everywhere.

2021 will seek the creation of new ways to combine and interact services and software equipment within the framework of modern approaches to organize processes such as banking services using exclusively voice.

Next comes the more expanded integration of artificial intelligence in business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the year of its maturity in business

Artificial intelligence will be applied to a wide range of information, including video, images, voice, network traffic activity, and sensor data. It is estimated that at least 25,000 million things will be connected by 2021.

It is expected that next year AI technologies will grow exponentially and be included in almost all technology products and services.

2021 could be the year that AI finally comes of age with the increasingly high adoption of this process, focusing on improving the customer experience and modernizing business actions. Artificial intelligence is powered by the arrival of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Internet of Things (IoT), your connected home

The Internet of Things represents the way in which everyday things that connect to the Internet and act in synergy, becoming an integrated whole.

It is a network that interconnects physical objects using specialized hardware that allows not only connectivity to the Internet, but also schedules specific events based on tasks that are dictated remotely.

Starting from 2021, the Internet of Things will begin to reach its full potential. We are already witnessing how through applications connected to each other, our homes are getting smarter by making different appliances, locks or room lights turn on or off when giving the order to our assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

Robotic process automation (RPA), as a reality

Automation is at the highest peaks of the latest trends in information technology.

Software consulting and software manufacturing companies will be required more than ever for the implementation of various optimization models within organizations as a result of the possible crises that were generated as a result of the pandemic and the inoperability of many sectors.

Data security or cybersecurity

For many companies, data is a critical business asset. But how do you measure the value of that data? And what happens when that data is lost or stolen?

As we have seen with recent data leaks and thefts involving studies and possible advances for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in the healthcare sector, a threat to a company’s data can be crippling and cause potentially irreparable damage to the company’s brand and reputation.

Cybersecurity now dominates the priorities of all organizations as they adapt to the post-COVID 19 world.

Lights, Cameras and Safety

What if you could look all around you in real time? Nowadays, the market provides helmets that combine a rearview camera with a wide-view visor, to allow for a 360-degree view of the road. This can eliminate dangerous blind spots.

Besides, some helmets provide wireless LED brake lights that activate whenever you hit the brakes to ensure that other vehicles can see you better.

In addition to this, there are third-party devices for helmets, such as motorcycle intercom systems, motorcycle HUD, etc. that allow you to have access to the calls, music, have the GPS navigator in front of your eyes, extremely reducing the distraction while riding.

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