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Why Your Small Business NEEDS SEO

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Many businesses are familiar with the concept of SEO and most business owners understand its importance of it. However, several businesses are hesitant to implement SEO (properly) for a multitude of reasons.

Maybe you don’t have a massive marketing budget. Or, you think your traditional marketing efforts are working just fine (they aren’t). Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve been burned by some shady marketing agency in the past and now you have some trust issues (very common).

Regardless of your situation, it is imperative your small business invests in SEO for the reasons mentioned below.

Local SEO Is Huge

For over a decade, the locality has been increasingly gaining importance in the SEO world. Google and other search engines are trying to provide users with the best experience possible, so their current location greatly influences their results.

For example, whenever you search for a product or service, more than likely, you get localized results, right? That’s no accident. These results also appear atop all of the search results.

What’s that mean for your business? It means it’s absolutely crucial you utilize Local SEO to ensure you appear when potential customers are in the neighborhood.

Organic is Most Often The Primary Source of Web Traffic

Organic search traffic is usually the majority of most websites’ total traffic. Unless you’re investing in PPC (Pay-per-click advertising) or social advertising, and if you don’t have an extremely well-known brand, how else will people find you online?

SEO will allow your business to appear for both branded and non-branded keywords that your potential customers/clients are searching for.

Big Businesses Overlook it

Sometimes, for small businesses, it can feel like a battle between David and Goliath when it comes to competing with big businesses. While sure, bigger businesses typically have a more recognized brand, an established and loyal clientele base, and a much larger marketing budget, it’s not a lost cause.

Large businesses often overlook a variety of marketing tactics such as SEO in exchange for different forms of advertising. In fact, according to a 2016 study by Digital Commerce 360, only 47% of the 500 marketing professionals surveyed said they use SEO. That means there’s a HUGE opportunity for your small business with an effective SEO strategy.

Customers Do Their Research

With the evolution of the internet and search engines, people can access much more information than ever before. This means that customers are more informed about you and your competitors before they make a decision.

If potential customers are searching, that means you need to show up before your competitors. Be sure to have all of your information optimized, updated, and monitor what others are saying about your company, too.

SEO is Budget-Friendly

Nothing in life is free, but, in terms of advertising budget, SEO is (somewhat free). There are no bid adjustments you need to make in order to rank. You just need to have a strategic SEO strategy implemented and updated to ensure peak effectiveness.

And like I said, while it’s not free, SEO from us is undoubtedly much more affordable and effective than from an agency. We can chat about a free quote when you’re ready.

Long Term Benefits

Unlike many other digital marketing tactics, SEO isn’t instantaneously going to show results. It takes time.

But, it’s worth the “wait.”

An effective, and maintained SEO strategy can bring long-term success to your company. Lay the proper foundation with updates along the way and you’ll be positioned for success.

If You’re Not Ranking, You’re Tanking

How often do you go past page 1 or even scroll down when you do a search on Google? Probably rarely or never at all. The same is true for your audience.

If you’re not ranking towards the top, you can basically kiss any clicks away as they go to your competitors.

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