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Come ottimizzare il blog aziendale

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A business blog is different from a casual blog in many ways. Not only you will attract a highly selective form of readers, but you will also increase the chances of promoting your own business, through that very blog.

A blog isn’t there to look nice, as much as many do. It needs to and will always have a purpose. Each business will use its blog for alternative purposes and for different audiences. It could be to find traffic at different stages of the marketing funnel. But there are direct lead generation strategies built around blogging but if it is not optimized efficiently, you are not maximizing the output of your efforts.

Let’s begin the optimization:

Content Posting

Since you are not writing about cartoons, kitty parties and eating food, you will obviously have a limited audience – one that is solely interested in business but that does not mean that your content has to be boring.

You need to create the type of content which would make people interested in the business world. Even if it is not related to your attività commerciale niche, you can talk about money and how people can make it. (Everyone loves money). Involve the practical applications of your business and create a market by making people realize the importance of your products.


Take help from GAKT – Google AdWords Keyword Tool to pick the most appropriate keywords for your articles. You need to place keywords in your titles, tags, metatags and anchor text.

While you may feel tempted to stuff keywords, rest assured that this is a bad practice and search engine algorithms tend to filter out results and penalize your website when they feel your website does not have a natural keyword selection. Allow things to flow naturally and trust in the latent semantic indexing. The technology of these crawlers and their intelligence is ridiculous. So remember this with regards to your word choice throughout.

Link Building

Business flourishes by keeping other people happy and the same is the case with attività commerciale blogging. When writing a blog, be sure to give credits to some other bloggers.

Hopefully, as a courtesy to business etiquettes, you will receive a mention on their website as well. The audience of both bloggers will benefit from your writings while you will receive a benefit in the form of web traffic.

Enabling Subscriptions

When writing a blog, be sure to enable the subscription option as sometimes, a person randomly comes across your blog. He likes the content and wants to subscribe so that he would get updated with your website.

Failure to find a subscription button leads to him, moving onto some other website. The customer and reader won’t wait for you, so you have to work smart – Think ahead and think of the ways to make a reader interested in your blog.

Multimedia Optimization

Search engine algorithms prefer websites which have some sort of multimedia (pictures + videos) as compared to plain websites.

Use HD multimedia on your blog so that people like what they see and don’t forget to write captions. Also, at times of uploading images, you need to fill out the ALT tag description, so that web crawlers find it easier to rank your website.

Social Media Management

To attract a variety of people to your blogs, you need to invest in social media marketing. Make an account on multiple social media websites and post your links.

You can also take help from Hootsuite, as one click will manage social media posting to all accounts. Shorten the URLs and write thought-provoking captions, which will make a user think, realize and then, visit your website.

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