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3 Идеи онлайн-бизнеса для студента

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Every Student Interested in Business. But they do have not any business ideas and they don’t know which business is best for them. So they never start a business. The biggest problem is not talent but the biggest problem is lack of business knowledge. Today I will try to give some online business ideas which are started with low investment.

Many Students are Interested in Business but they don’t know “what they do?” and “how to start any business?” So here I explain 3 Online Бизнес-идеи for Students. These online businesses start them in their Student Life.

Online Business Ideas for Students

Today, the use of the Internet is increasing daily and almost everyone uses the internet in regular life. Many people are using the Internet just for entertainment and many people are using the internet for shopping, business promotion, communication, and many other ways.

Students do not have big investments in the business, at that time only one way of starting a business is Online Business. Online Business they don’t require big investment and manpower. Below I give 3 Online Business Ideas which students start with Zero Investment.

1. Social Media Influencer

Almost Every Internet User uses Social Media. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest are most used. These all cover 95% social media market.

Social Media Influencer is working with social media and building one big audience or fan. They help others to increase their business and sales. and they take some commission or fixed charge.

Example If you have an Instagram page with 1 Million followers then you can promote any company’s product and take a commission from them. The biggest example of a Social Media Influencer is VIRAT KOHLI. Virat Kohli is tied up with PUMA, and he is a big Social Media Influencer for Puma. Virat Kohli Earn 3.2 Crore from his One Instagram Post(Only Puma’s Promotion).

How to become Social Media Influencer

  • First Select one Username according to your niche(Niche means category).
  • Register this username on all social media like create a Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter account, and other Social Media Platforms.
  • Make your all social profile a brand. (One Brand Logo, Cover Photo, Description, and other details are the same on all social media).
  • Make one schedule for a daily post like daily post 3 images, 2 videos, and 1 article. (make the schedule as per your convenience)
  • Connect all social media profiles like Facebook profile with Instagram and Twitter, Twitter profile with Instagram and Facebook.
  • After some time your all social media profiles are growing.
  • After 10K followers, you also start paid promotion on your profile and earn money. (My Suggestion before 10k followers please don’t start paid promotion)

2. Content Writing

Content writing is one type of skill which is improved by practice and learning. Today many bloggers and magazine owners find the best content writer. If you have writing skills at that time you earn more than 10000 per day. The internet is one big platform for a present to your skill.

If your writing is good that time you write a paid article for a news website, blogger and other companies. Content writing is one of the best careers.

How to Start Content Writing?

  • For Content writing, you have not required any special degree or education. But you required full knowledge of your topic and language.
  • When you write on any topic that time first research this topic like watch videos, reading an article and collecting full information about the topic.

How to Find Work for Content Writing?

  • You can register on Fiverr, up work, freelancer and create your profile. Many Companies and bloggers give work from these websites.
  • You can create your own blog and take work from direct companies.
  • You can join the Facebook Group where many bloggers and digital marketers are higher as content writers.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing is a very large field. but Affiliate marketing is one part of Digital Marketing. Basically Affiliate marketing work as a reseller.

In Affiliate Marketing product is not a product owner, not a product seller or not a product purchaser. You just one way of Product selling.

Example If you are working with Amazon in their Affiliate program. Amazon gives you one UNIQUE ID to you. and if any product sold from your id that timAmazonon give you some commission on this product.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

  • The first step is Register with an Affiliate program which you select or according to your audience.
  • If you do have not any audience at that time you higher Influencer for a big and huge audience.
  • Share product link(any format like video description, Image, Story or any case study).
  • If anyone purchases a product from your link that time commission credit on your affiliate account.

Thanks for reading. I hope you like our Online Business Ideas. Every student starts these businesses with zero Investment and Earn Money Online. these all business ideas are best for your career. You can also have a choice of career. If you have any dought then comment below.

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