Strategies and Tips for Trading Cryptocurrency


Traders are well aware of the fact that there is never an ideal time to buy or sell their instruments. You can never anticipate investing in a market when it is at the bottom and expect to sell when the market explodes. Before you start trading in cryptocurrency you need to be aware that it is just like traditional commodity trading. There is no definite strategy that will ensure that you make profits with cryptocurrencies.

If you have invested in bitcoins before then you must be aware of the fact that it is a highly volatile cryptocurrency that responds to the whims of the investors to a high degree. This is why trading in cryptocurrency is for those who can stabilize themselves when the market goes south now and then. Our suggestion is to learn from your mistakes and amend your trading strategy. Speaking of strategies we have some power tips for you that will help with trading in cryptocurrency.

Understand the Cryptocurrency

A good investor knows his cards well. You should never invest in a commodity, that you do not understand completely. You can think of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as stocks and investing in both is the same but fundamentally they are very different. The only similarity between the two investments is that exchange. Bitcoins are not centralized which makes them free from any manipulation or control, unlike stocks. Also, cryptocurrencies are not limited or affiliated with a particular country. Not many people believe in these digital currencies, but as we like to think, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have the future to become the mainstream.

Frame a Strategy

As we mentioned before, buying and selling is not the only way of trading currencies. Day trading as well calls it is for high frequency traders, but if you want to make some serious gains in the cryptocurrency market you better get ready to hold on to your investments. Trading cryptocurrency is a risky investment, but if you plan to invest for a long time horizon, you will substantially minimize the underlying risks. However, when you see a fall in the market due to unforeseen structural issues, you make a cut and exit such an investment.

Initial Investments

No matter how good of an investor you are, always start small with initial investments. As you will slowly grow your investment in a cryptocurrency, the desire to buy or sell often will be dramatically lowered. You need to believe in your investments and don’t let all the negative talks in the news about cryptocurrencies get to you. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going to be here for long irrespective of what naysayers believe.

Bet Hedging

Multiple exchanges allow you to short order. What it means is that you can place bets on the movement of bitcoin’s price. A nice strategy to hedge your bets will be to mix long and short orders, for instance, 80% long and 20% short.

Altcoin Trading

One thing all the experts and markets are aware of is the fact that bitcoin prices are driven by speculation of the investors to a great extent which makes it a risky investment. But other altcoins are less prone to speculation and offer more opportunities for investors. As the market cap of this altcoin is smaller there is larger scope for price swings. What you need to be aware of is the fact that each altcoin is devised to serve a particular niche and the risks associated with these non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies are higher but the reward is also larger.

Get Started

We shared with you some of the prime cryptocurrency trading strategies that can get you started on the right path. However, if you are a risk-averse investor, we recommend not being too quick to invest in bitcoin or altcoins. You must stay updated with the latest market trends. Recently ETF disapproved bitcoins which suggests governments and other institutions are changing their attitude towards these currencies.

Your strategy should be based on what market indicators say, how the attitude of investors about trading is and how confident you are about your position in the market.



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