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The biggest Bitcoin transfer in history and nobody knows who it was

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The biggest Bitcoin transfer in history and nobody knows who it was


The largest Bitcoin transfer in history has been made, in which more than 1 billion dollars have been sent. And nobody knows who made it.

Both in Spain and in the rest of the world there was a real Bitcoin fever. What has historically been the most famous cryptocurrency had its golden age about three years ago and since then it has not had the relevance of yesteryear. But it continues to generate headlines, and the one that concerns us today is, to say the least, interesting: someone has made the largest Bitcoin transfer in history.

Although being more exact, it is currently the most valuable, as we will explain later. Someone and it is not known who has made a brutal transfer just a few hours ago of 88,857 Bitcoin. A figure that is already dizzying, but that makes it even more so with its translation into euros.

1,000 million euros or dollars, more or less. As we can see on Blockchain.com, someone has made such a transfer from one Bitcoin wallet to two different ones, becoming the most valuable Bitcoin transfer in history.

The identity of the person (or entity) that made such a transfer is completely unknown. This has been done from a virtual portfolio to two different portfolios, dividing the final amount into two halves. This is usually done so that in case of problems the loss is less, as well as to diversify storage. Something important talking about such an amount of cryptocurrency.

The only additional details we have about this transaction are that, anecdotally, a commission of 3.09 euros has been charged to the author of the transfer for this operation. Taking into account that around 1,000 million euros have been moved, this seems almost a joke, especially if we take into account that it is not known who has made this transfer.

$ 6.5 billion

Truth be told, this is not explicitly the largest Bitcoin transfer made to date, but the most valuable. If we stick to quantity, the largest transfer ever made in Bitcoin far exceeds the one we are currently mentioning. This was 500,000 BTC, and the value of the cryptocurrency at the time of making that transfer was 1.3 million dollars. Adjusting it to today’s value, we would speak of 6.5 billion dollars.

Currently, there are only three transactions that have exceeded 1 billion dollars, if we speak in today’s values. In September last year 94,504 BTC were sent, in February of this year 106,857 and in April, 161,500. However, the 84,857 BTC of a few hours ago reaches 1,165 million dollars, or what is the same in euros, 986 million.

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