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It is true that lot of us are interested in earning money and we search so many ways to do the same. But it is also the fact that not many of us are actually interested or skilled in saving the money that we have earned. But it is equally important to save the money as we all know MONEY SAVED IS EQUAL TO MONEY EARNED.

Saving money is not to become conjuse about everything but to spend your money wisely so that you can use the saved money for reinvesting or investing in something that you are really passionate about like travelling or developing your skills or something like paying downpayment for your dream house.

According to the popular 50/30/20 budgeting rule 20% of your income should go in to savings. But the real challenge here is how do we achieve that figure in today’s world where everyone around you is selling something just at a distance of one click away from your fingertip.

Here I am sharing with you some of the tips that I personally follow to save my money and a Bonus tip that will encourage you to get into the habit of saving.

Tips to save Money

1. Do not fall for discounts and sales

I know sales can be so attracting, but don’t just buy a product because it is on 50% off or 60% off when you actually do not need it. Remember when you do not buy it, it is on 100% off for you . Instead, how I actually use a sale is I will add up to the cart that I actually need, and I am sure that I will endup using them. I will wait for the sale and then buy them. By doing so you are buying the products for a discounted rate that you are anyway going to buy otherwise also, hence by saving your money.

2. Cook by yourself

A big money saver right here. You won’t believe the amount of money you can save by cooking your own food and as an additional bonus it is way healthier than eating outside. It is always nice and delicious experience to indulge in outside food sometimes but don’t make it a habit of eating out always. Start doing meal prep in advance so that you don’t give an excuse of “not having enough time”

3. Buy products that serve you multipurpose

Buy the products that serve to multiple purposes. Instead of buying separate products just invest in few products that serves multiple needs of yours. That way you are saving money and less clutter to linger around your home.

4. Always prepare a list before going out to buy something

Always prepare a list before going out to shop something, so that you exactly know on which items you have to spend your money on. For example if you are going for a grocery shop check your pantry. Now plan a meal prep and list out the things that you need for cooking this week. This way you are not going to waste your time and money purchasing the stuff that you actually don’t need and endup throwing it in the dustbin after its expired. Always remember if you don’t go there to get it probably you don’t need it.

5.DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) your beauty requirements

Learn to do your beauty requirements at home like facials, hair spas, manicures and pedicures. It will save up a lot on your parlor appointments. Also, as an added advantage you actually know the products and ingredients that you are putting on your skin.

6. Stay away from Impulse Shopping

A study shows that 40% of the purchases people make are a result of impulse buy. It is a big number, isn’t it? So stop using your money as a source of distraction from a stressful day or to feel momentarily comforting.

7. Learn to differentiate between WANT and NEED

When you feel an urge to spend on something just ask yourself do I need it? or do I just want it? If the answer is “You just want it”, by now you know what to do.

8. Organize Your Stuff

Be it your closet, your pantry or your vanity organize it. By doing so you would exactly know what you possess, and you don’t spend up buying duplicates for the products that you already have.

9. Buy a Medical Insurance

In today’s world where hospital expenses are sky-high, it is better to get yourself and your family a medical insurance. For this you have to pay an Annual premium so that the insurance company will bare your medical expenses depending upon the term and conditions of the policy.

10. Do the Monthly Budgeting

I cannot stress enough on the importance of doing budgeting at the beginning of every month. It’s not a rocket science it hardly takes an hour time but the benefits are innumerable. Budgeting helps you figure out your necessary expenses, discretionary expenses, and your savings. It helps you to figure out what are the changes you can do to increase your savings figure. It will help you stay financially disciplined.


Now comes the fun part that is a bonus tip. If you are beginning to save money, maintain a jar called “savings jar”. Any small container can serve the purpose.

Count the money at the end of the month. It will keep you motivated by actually physically seeing the cash that you have saved. You can maintain this jar until you make savings as a habit and as a form of your lifestyle.

Don’t underestimate the power of small amounts saved because, all it takes to make a beautiful garland is a bunch of small flowers.

Thank you for stopping by. Let us know in the comment section what are your ultimate tips to save money so that all of us can follow.

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