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What to know About Covid 19 Vaccines according to Israel Figa

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What to know About Covid 19 Vaccines according to Israel Figa

There is no denying that the Covid 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in all parts of the world. However, with the recent rollout out of Covid 19 vaccines, everyone has started to seem some light at the end of the tunnel. That said, according to Israel Figa, there are certain important aspects you should be privy to regarding these vaccines. Some of these include the side effects of the vaccine, effective tips to counter these side effects and other crucial details. Keep reading to learn more.

Covid 19 Vaccine: Side Effects

It is true that it is very much common and normal to have particular reactions and side effects post a Covid 19 vaccination. You can confirm this with your medical provider as well. These side effects can include redness, pain or swelling close to the site of the injection which the vaccination provider administers. In addition, side effects such as fever, fatigue, aching limbs and headache are also not unusual in the first couple of days after you receive the vaccine.

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Israel Figa says that these normal reactions to the vaccine are often mild and diminish after a couple of days. What they show is that the vaccine is functioning, since it stimulates your body’s immune system and your body creates antibodies in response to the infection.

Apart from the typical reactions and side effects to the vaccine, there also happen to be individual instances of severe side effects post the vaccination, like allergic shocks. However, such severe side effects are isolated instances and very rare. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry  too much about this!

Effective Tips to Counter Covid 19 Vaccine Side Effects

If you are having constant discomfort or pain after receiving the COVID 19 vaccine, it is best to talk to talk to your medical provider regarding taking some effective medicine, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

In order to mitigate discomfort and pain where you got the vaccine shot, you can follow these helpful tips which Israel Figa highly recommends:

  • Apply a cool, clean and wet washing cloth over the precise area where you are feeling the discomfort or pain
  • Exercise or use your arm.

To lower any discomfort from fever, it is highly recommended that you dress lightly and drink a lot of fluids.

By following the aforementioned tips, you can considerably boost your chances of countering any side effects you may experience after taking the Covid vaccine shot.

When should You Consult your Doctor?

In majority of the scenarios, discomfort from pain or fever is pretty much common after receiving your COVID 19 vaccination. Reach out to your healthcare provider or doctor:

  • If the tenderness or redness where you got the vaccine shot becomes more noticeable after 24 hours
  • If the vaccine side effects are a source of anxiety for you or are not going away after a couple of days

In such situations, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor.

Regarding your 2nd Vaccine Shot

In case you did not know already, both of the COVID-19 vaccines (mRNA) will require two shots to get maximum protection against the virus. The exact timing between your 1st and 2nd shot is contingent on what vaccine you get. As per Israel Giga and other medical experts, you ought to receive your 2nd shot:

  • for the Moderna vaccine, 1 month post your 1st vaccine shot.
  • for the Pfizer-BioNTech, 3 weeks post your 1st shot

Moreover, what you also need to know is that you ought to get your 2nd vaccine shot as close to the suggested 1-month or 3 week time interval as possible. That said, there is no maximum time interval between the 1st and 2nd shot for either of the two vaccines. You should refrain from getting the 2nd dose before the recommended time interval. ​

What Else Should You Know Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines

According to Doctor Israel Figa, the side effects of covid 19 vaccines might feel similar to flu and can even impact your ability to perform daily tasks. That said, these side effects ought to go away in a couple of days.

With majority of the COVID-19 vaccines that have already rolled out or are in the process of doing so, you will require two shots in order for them to properly function. Doctor Israel highly recommends that you get the second vaccine shot even if you are experiencing side effects post the 1st shot, except you’re your doctor or vaccination provider tells you explicitly to not get a second vaccine shot.

In addition, it is also very important that you know that it takes some amount of time for your human body to build up protection post any kind of vaccination. A COVID-19 vaccine that needs you to receive 2 shots might not safeguard you until about a week post your 2nd shot.

Furthermore, it is imperative that everyone continues to use all the available tools to assist in stopping this pandemic as we actively gather more knowledge regarding how the COVID-19 vaccines function in real-world conditions. It is vital that you cover your nose and mouth with a mask when you are around other people, stay at least 5 ft away from those around you and wash your hands frequently. Also, try to avoid large crowds as much as possible.

Bottom Line

It is important to keep in mind that though most of the COVID 19 vaccines coming out these days are quite effective, their efficacy will only last if you follow other key standard procedures as well such as wearing a mask, washing hands regularly and so forth. In addition, do not be alarmed if you experience side effects after getting your vaccine shot. As mentioned in this article and what Doctor Israel Figa informs as well is that these side effects are quite common that people experience. They are sure to subside if you observe the above-mentioned tips and consult your doctor for further guidance.

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