Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

It would be easy to assume that if you have a business website, you’re all to set to win over more customers on the Internet. However, many sidestep the benefit of blogging, assuming it’s just not right for their business. Blogging is not limited to hobbyists and news websites. More and more businesses are recognising just how many benefits blogging can offer them.

To give you an idea of how popular blogging is among businesses, we researched MLM reviews and sixty per cent of businesses who blog enjoy a higher sales conversion than those who don’t. This alone should be enough to at least consider blogging for your business.

You should look to host the blog on your business website rather than create a separate blog. This ensures that you receive more conversions as visitors don’t have to click through a series of different links to find what they’re looking for. It also ensures that the hard work you’re putting into the blog doesn’t go to waste.

If you only have limited bandwidth available for your website, then it could be worthwhile looking at some other options that allow you some flexibility.

Increase Your Traffic

For any website to be deemed a success, it needs to have a healthy influx of visitors. While you can do a lot to optimise the standard website text, offering a blog alongside your business information offers more scope for SEO, as well as offering visitors fresh content each time they visit.

If you’re looking for quite a lot of website traffic, then it can be worthwhile ensuring that your hosting provider is up to the job, as there’s nothing worse than investing time in blogging, only to find that many of the visitors weren’t able to view site due to slow speeds and technical issues. This is one of the reasons many bloggers switch hosting providers as their site grows. If this is something that you are considering then I would highly recommend this list which gives you an overview of the Crème de la crème hostauthority.org/top

Sell Your Product or Service More Naturally

While there is a lot of work you can do to ensure that your descriptions are clearly stating the benefits of your product or service, it’s not always enough to cement that sale. Blogging brings a new dimension to this, as it allows you to sell your product more discreetly.

For example, if you oversaw a company that supplied mobile phones, you could do a blog on the benefits of each phone, or maybe recommended phones based on different budgets. The possibilities are endless, and you can provide some valuable links to your products in the process.

Promote Your Brand

It’s not just the product or service you should be looking to promote online, but also the brand itself. A brand that can offer content that offers some form of advice helps make a brand approachable, which means that more people are likely to invest.

A business can also use blogging to tell their story, and what drives their passion. Online visitors love getting to know companies and often stay quite loyal once they build a relationship with a company they are confident in.

Build Authority Online

As well as offering insight to your company, a blog can be used to contend with issues that people may be having in your field. For example, do you find that there is currently an issue with several online users, and you think you have the answer? Then create a blog about it.

A business that can offer information and advice within a particular niche can potentially be seen as an expert within the industry. The more authority you build, the more trust that customers have in your brand as a whole.

Blogging is a Cost-Effective Marketing Investment

Some advertising costs can seem astronomical, especially to a small business. Blogging is a marketing tool that doesn’t cost much, and with the right content in place, can go on to serve your site well.

While there is nothing wrong with writing news articles, they can be a little limited in the value they offer the site. Opting for evergreen content means that the content remains fresh to every visitor, giving you more value for your money.

Blogging Helps with Your Own Market Research

Ensuring you have comments enabled on your blog can give your business a fresh funnel of market research. When people peruse your blogs, they will normally have some sort of question to ask. Not only can you engage with customers on the comments page, but you can also use the questions asked to structure future content.

Engaging with customers can also give you an idea of what they’re looking for in a product or service, allowing you to tailor your business to meet such requirements.

Kick Start Your Social Media Campaign

There can be many benefits to adopting social media, especially when it comes to converting customers. However, some businesses struggle with what kind of content they should share. Starting a blog not only helps influence visitors from search engines, but also those that visit social media sites.

Even if you’ve only just started your social media campaign, there are plenty of cost-effective options that allow you to target your content toward your core demographic. Other social networks, such as Google Plus, will have communities for different industries, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a way of promoting your content and your social media pages.

Blogging is about so much more than giving your customer something to read when they visit your business website, it’s about offering value and building trust. Content created in the right way can mean that you’re given a whole new demographic of potential customers to look at. You simply need to ensure that you have the right call-to-action in place.


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